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AKS Organics: home of pure ,handmade, organic, vegan & creatively crafted gourmet spices.

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Organic wholesale, herb and spices, and bulk dry ingredients. Raw, Vegetarian, Vegan, health foods, supplements, herbal teas, seasonings, and gourmet culinary items.

Raw, Vegetarian, Vegan, Health Foods, Supplements, Seasonings and More...

We assemble 100% Pure, Fresh, Vegan, and Organic aromatic spices.

Vegetarian, Vegan, health foods & supplements

Vegetables are important part of healthy eating and provide a source of many nutrients.

100% Organic

We offer Make to Order Raw, Vegetarian, Vegan, health foods, supplements, herbal teas, seasonings, vegetable oils and gourmet culinary items. Our products focuses on health and wellness and are dedicated to customers who seek unique and creative offerings.

There is increasing awareness to ethics and sustainability. It is our firm belief that smaller, eco-friendly and socially conscious manufacturers will find greater and easier acceptance by the consumers for their products, especially if they are affordable!

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