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Latte Gold

Latte Gold


Weight : 125 GM

Golden Turmeric Milk Mix is an Ayurvedic drink mix based on the time tested immunity boosting Haldi Doodh recipe 1 scoop of this Turmeric Milk Mix has the Goodness of 2 Spoons of Turmeric, which has immunity boosting and anti-inflammatory powers

This Golden Latte is enriched with white Pepper, ashwaghandha, Cardamom, nutmeg, saffron and Cinnamon, making it tasty as well as healthy.

You can enjoy this healthy drink mix in any tasty form, A hot turmeric latte, a milk-shake, a smoothie or in a kheer. Add it to kids daily glass of milk to make it healthy and tasty

Now, give your family the immunity boosting goodness of 2 spoons of turmeric in a tasty way , so they won’t even know it

No artificial flavours are used in this turmeric milk mix”

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Weight 125 g


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